TEPCO Personnel’s Information Leaked by US Government On Fukushima Accident


TEPCO Personnel’s Information Leaked by US Government On Fukushima Accident

 In a document USNRC disclosed released response to FOIA request, tens of TEPCO personnel’s who dealt and had a responsibility for the Fukushima Daiichi crisis, full name and e-mail addresses were disclosed.

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 Under the U.S. Federal Freedom of Information Act, the invasion of privacy not necessarily lead to exemption of information from document. Only when the public interest gained by revealing the information less, compared to the privacy that can be invaded, the information is withheld. It makes a clear cut contrast to FOIA in Japan, where the information that can spescify the individuals, except for public officials are withheld.

Those Disclosed individual names are concerned about the personels who managed the reactor or spent fuel  pool safety in the site. Therefore, public interest contributed to the revelation is undeniably import ant. ( i.e. Journalist can contact the individuals more easily. )

 Actually, e-mails between US government and Japanese officials or industrial entities have been somewhat large scale, disclosed. However, leakage of TEPCO personnel’s detailed information is done in unheeded massive scale. The intention of U.S. authority is, still unknown.

 While in Japan, most seemed to welcomed NRC’s decision to release the responsible figures, as one can see in 2channel, a major Japanese discussion board. Though I have to admit that the argument in this forum is radical or sensational prone, it shall show frustrated Japanese opinion where the contamination water from the site is still ongoing. The comment follows ”List?” ‘‘SEALs coming?” or ”Make my day”.

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