The Government Intentionally Underestimated and Modified the Worst Case Scenario of Fukushima Crisis


The Government Intentionally Underestimated and Modified the Worst Case Scenario of Fukushima Crisis

The worst scenario of Fukushima crisis, made by Japanese AEC chairman Shunsuke Kondo may not have been the original document and modificated one. This strong doubt is foreshadowed by the newly released document in Tokyo district court and precise analysis of the Kondo document.

As a start, three more questionable points can also be raised to its integrity. Fistly, According to the first report on the document by mainichi shimbun, the document consisted of 20 pages. However, the disclosed edition is only 15 pages.

(To see the all the document, please click here.)

Secondly, in this power point file, the last page suddenly lacks the page namuber (Though the covering page does not have a number, from page 2 to 14 have page numbers in lower right successively ).

Thirdly, it contains awkward inconsistency in itself. In the page numbered 3, five reactors and seven fuel pools are mentioned as a possible radioactivity source (from unit 1 to uni 6, and common fuel pool. Also in time line,about a year.).

But in page numbered 10 only 3reactors and 4fuel pools are depicted as a source.

And in page numbered 12, the radioactivity contamination is reduced from only Unit 4’s fuel pool (in time line the matter diminishes into only 2 weeks.)

Next, according to the previous report, 1535 fuel rods ( 100% from the Unit 4’s fuel pool ) were imagined to be melted down in the worst case. However, the real quantity of radioactivity it estimated to be released is limited to only 1096 rods.(About 70% from the Unit4’s fuel pool)

( The newest calculation by JNRA which has been submitted to Tokyo district court, in May 31, 2013 )

Furthermore, the ’’worst scenario’’ failed, or more probably intentionally avoided, to touch on the effect climate conditions would contribute. This is quiet quire, because accoding to the USNRC disclosed to FOIA requests, Japanese authority Mr. Condo (it should be a mis-spell of Kondo) mentioned the wind direction in March 12, 2011.

(To see all the records, please click here.) In spite that we have learned from the Chernobyl accident, the radionuclide deposits in a very complex pattern, because the formations and movement of plume is strongly affected by meteorological conditions.

Additionally, USNRC, the Japanese AEC’s counter part had made a simulation, considering the wind direction even as early as March 18,2011.

(You can see in the page 7 to 8, by clicking here. )

US and Japan very closely co-worked. Taking account into that, it comes to be more curious that Mr. Kondo had not taken account of weather conditions in March 25, 2011.

This partially declassified document can also be seen clicking here.

As a Conclusion we come up to judge that The alleged worst scenario was not real worst scenario and a forgery. The government officials may have intended to show the possible consequence of Fukushima Crisis less catastrophic because of fearing criticized.

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