FOIA on Name Cards


FOIA on Name Cards


Good evening.

UNDER FOIA, I request items below.

Item1: (1) Briefings (17 pages) and (2) Intelligence Reports and Summaries ( 828 pages ),

both of them were decided to be entirely withheld to the other requesters for the basis of EX1 ( ) , so it is highly plausible that the initial decision be entirely withheld.

But I may FOIA Appeal to request for reconsideration of the Agency. Therefore, please append denial reason to the request as precisely and detailed as possible, not only the applicable exemption but also the characteristics of content ( i.e. ‘’It includes satellite photos’’ ) for my convenience for FOIA appeals.

Item 2: Copies of all the name cards Mr. Jim Trap ( a NRC official who took travel just after Fukushima incident and had a meeting with TEPCO, Japanese officials and so on. ) recieved in Japan from March 11, 2011 to May 30, 2011.

This records are going to be used further research,( i.e. interview request ) of the Fukushima incident.

Since both items I am requesting are not so complexed that, hopefully process this request as a ‘’ simple ’’ case in your multi tracking system.

Thank you.