Dear FOI Officer(s),

Under the Freedom of Information Act, I purse the access to the Items below.

1. All the communications between Mr. Gregory Jackzo and NRC stuffs which contains the word ‘’ Fukushima ’’, since he resigned the position of the NRC chairman to the date of this request.

2. All the communications between the figure below and NRC stuffs which contains the word ‘’ Fukushima ’’, since March 11, 2011 to the date of this request.

(1) Masafumi Takubo

(2) David Lochbaum

(3) Edwin Lyman

(4) Susan Q. Stranahan

3. All the Access logs to NRC’s FOIAs Related to Japan’s Emergency ( )

Please sort out the records by person by person and as separately as possible. As for priority, I wish you process item 1 first, item 2 second, item 3 last, preferably.

In this request communications include, but not limited to, telephone logs, e-mails faxes, written correspondences, and direct conversation records.

This request is aimed at further assessment of Fukushima incident. Therefore, release the records in your FOIAs Related to Japan’s emergency reading room as always, to facilitate the access to the record by public. And in request to item 3, I am also seeking to assess how the FOIA ( i.e. people in which country accessed to the records, which records attracted i public interest or the requesters actually read the released document. ) worked to understanding of the public about Fukushima incident. However, the item 3 may be too huge in its volume. So hopefully, with FOI officers advice, I may tailor the request narrower than This initial description.

I always thank your assistance and professionalism.