国防総省への情報公開請求について、費用減免不認可処分に対する不服審査申立 :FOIA Appeal to DOD on Disapproval of Fee WAIVER


国防総省への情報公開請求について、費用減免不認可処分に対する不服審査申立 :FOIA Appeal to DOD on Disapproval of Fee WAIVER



This is a FOIA Appeal Letter on CASE USCENTCOM FOIA 15-0043 on Disapproval of Fee Waiver.

I would like to show more detailed reasons for the information requested in this case shall contribute significantly for public understanding of government activity than one I described. The roll of the government is primary to be engaged in the missions of each agencies, but apparently, not limited to just doing so. To deliver the public the way how the government tackled with certain operation ( in this case, to cope with Fukushima disaster ) gives a key insight for public on governmental activity and by that way, citizens can understand and deliberate on the roll of the government, i.e. what resources should have been allotted to which organization to achieve the better performance ( in this specific case, how much potassium iodide should be stocked ) at the same time the cost benefit analysis of doing so will be possible for policy making. For that understanding, every government need to effectively deliver the information such as those described above. And it is essential to have a properly contact with medias, communicate to the reporters. At the same time, how the medias ( in this case, NHK and CNN ) succeeded or failed to follow the story, or maybe dismiss some details gained from the authority strongly affect the thinking of audience. Therefore, the documents those show how the medias tried to follow the way U.S. military had acted in Fukushima Event activity, and broadcasted the story ( which we can access without FOIA process ) must have a key role to contribute the public understanding of the way government communicated with citizens through media. And the details of how well the media coverage had worked to contribute the public to grasp the activity of the agency also give us insight on the gap of how we think the government activity right now and the reality of that, which shall correct the misunderstanding ( if existed ) of public and open an improved participation on deliberating process on democratic society. Lastly, as for the influential power of us as a media, we are relatively new, but perhaps one of the most well read news site on covering Fukushima incident. Also, our stories have been followed by other medias i.e. Asahi Television Broad casting. To refer our popularity and how the documents obtained by FOIA ( to NRC ) make a good story, and how much we are visited, please come to our website and refer the numbers of tweets and likes given to our story ( One of the representative article’s URL: ) Additionally, we come to have an English pages now and our stories are open to English speakers. ( ) All those matters properly considered, the items I am seeking are likely to contribute the public understanding of Government activity and this request shall satisfy the FOIA’s condition for fee waiver category.