Tatsujiro Suzuki, Vice Chairman of JAEC on After Fukushima Nuke Policy


Tatsujiro Suzuki, Vice Chairman of JAEC on After Fukushima Nuke Policy

Tatsujiro Suzuki, the vice chairman of JAEC (Japanese Atomic Energy comission) gave his personal point of view via conference event in 23 Nov, 2013. He is, one of the prominetn figure,M.A of MIT. And we had a chance to know on after Fukushima nuclear policy of Japan. In this article we are going to show the argument in the Q & A session.

First, ‘The total cost of decontaminating the Fukushima Daiichi site is currently estimated to be around $10 billion.’ In his update Bulletiin of the Atomic Scientists 5, Sep 2013 he announced.However, this statement had an quite ambiguity. To say, what is the ‘ decontaminating the Fukushima Daiichi site ‘ meaned in his article; Is that a green fielding or something different?

His answer we got is clear. ‘In that I meant for decontaminating nuclear unit 1 to 4 in the site ‘ Not that green making the site green fielding.

And one more question; the protection of national secrecy law, which is now deliberation of national assembly has on accountability of the govt.’s.

Answer; They could make access to the AEC which now disclosing all the argument relevant documents, and other regulatory body’s more difficult for citizens.

The last questin; What does he response to demand by U.S higher (former) figures to Mr.Armitage and Joseph Nye.

(Joseph Nye:From Wikipedia)

Nye said Nye argued that Japan’s ‘zero-nuclear is unacctebl. Armittage also expressed the same concern. They implied the doubt that saying ‘What is the Japan’s intention to have much a nuclear materials without Nuclear poser plant; don’t Japanese have a covet object to get nuclear armament’

His answer; We just have only a peaceful objective. No other intentions we have.

Those responses were, exceptionally frank and informative,surprising; For the Japanese higher officials are quite infamous to be evasive when they were asked questions. And also, I have to add very rapidly that he is not at all reluctant to going up to No-Nuke-Policy in Japan. It was astonishing because he has a atomic since back ground and the second highest member of AEC under Abe cabinet; Because Abe is known for his positive attitude to keep on Nuke policy, as long as possible. Therefore, his opinions are made a clear contrast to my mind set.

Appendix; After the section I had the first meeting and chance to funny conversation with him (For he retweeted on our very controversial article in Japan with around 3000 both LIke Button and tweet ‘USNRC-Disclosed Fukushima Crisis Proceedings of Executive Team’s‘To see this English version, click here. just yesterday)

Takanori Eto