Ukraine Says Cyber Attack is a War-Method and We Have Potential to Reiterate Russia


Ukraine Says Cyber Attack is a War-Method and We Have Potential to Reiterate Russia

March 17, 2014, Ukraine Ambassador in Japan Ihor KHARCHENKO made a sarcastic remarks to Russia in press conference. ”I blame the brutal behavior of Russian government as an offense to civilized international society. However, it should be stressed that the accusation is aimed at Russian government, while the people in Ukraine and Russia still have a good relationship. In my understanding, Putin may have learnt a history, but very badly. He seems to think as if Soviet Union Had not corrupted and he were in the position of secretary in Soviet Union. Also, it should be pointed out that this is not a power game of America and Russia, it is Ukraine’s problem. Annexing Crimea into Russia is no different from Finlanding Crimea or Japanize Crimia.”

Mentioning on Result of Referendum in which more than 95% voters supported the joining Russia , ” I know that kind of ”DEMOCRACY” When I first go for pole and vote, 99.5% people supported the candidate. It was a Soviet style, managed democracy and different from authentic democracy Ukraine people enjoy“ the ambassador remarked.

One night later, Ukraine diplomat Mr.yurii Kushnanov gave further comment. Alledged cyber attack by Russia is ” a method of war in 21st century ”. Also, he stressed the Ukraine has a power to reiterate against Russia, with one of the best IT professional and hackers in the world. Our embassy in Japan has no trouble to contact our mainland, Mr. Yurii says.

While Russia admitted they were damaged by cyber attack in Voice of Russia in which suggesting Kiev is responsible for the attack.

【Photo:Takanori Eto】