PM ABE is Now on Fire. Triggered by 2 Records Uploaded to Youtube, But Mainstream Medias Ignore about It


PM ABE is Now on Fire. Triggered by 2 Records Uploaded to Youtube, But Mainstream Medias Ignore about It

One phone conversation record with Japanese PM Abe’s office stuff ( perhaps his secretary ) is giving a widely wrath in internet scene.

In the call, an activist Mr. Sawamura complained about the suddenly proposed immigrant policy. Though the government party LDP claims that it is only a ’’ laboring policy ’’ taking account into the un-employment rate of the nation ( now announce as around 4%, but many points out that it underestimates real unemployed population with too old fashioned way of statistics. ), the laboring power may not be needed so urgently. Rather, it shall be addressed to the industrial demand to keep on getting cheap working powers from developing countries.

Anyhow, the cue of sensation was on the Abe side lack of knowledge of constitution ( which he is very eagerly trying to change, ironically ) and rude attitude to Mr. Sawamura.

Sawamura, asked the Abe’s office for listening to the voice of citizens. His points were very clear; Some of us have an anxiety on increase of social welfare fees caused by immigration and possible increase of crimes. And PM Abe is a representative of Japanese citizens, so he should bend an ear, especially because LDP never mentioned the immigrant ( or importing of labor policy, as much as 200 thousands every single years ).

The response to Sawamura’s brave assertion ( as always said, people in Japan has a shy tendency to say one’s opinion ) was incredibly ignorant. In Abe side’s argument. Prime Minister is not a representative of people. And he also suggested Abe is only LDP member’s representative, or Abe’s national diet electoral zone’s. This statement is completely, wrong. In Japanese constitution Bill Article 43, all the national diet members are representatives of people and Article 67 clearly announce that Prime Minisiter must be elected in the members of national diet. Logically, Prime Minister Abe is ( one of ) the representatives of Japanese citizens.

But the Most egregious point and made people anger was the Abe side’s rude and arrognance attitude. In spite that Mr. Sawamura talked to the office in polite way, the answers making fool of him. The Abe side kept on saying ‘’ Why do not you be a politician, huh? ’’ ‘’ If you need to save checks to pay 3 million yen ( around 30000 U.S. dollars ) deposit to candidature, just work in retail store for a year and you can make that. ’’ ( Level payment to retail store stuffs in Japan is, less than 1000 yen per hour ( 10 dollars ). So, if you work 2500 hours a year, you can just earn 25000 yens and never lay up 30000 yens into your banking account. ) Not surprisingly, the tone of voice was quiet despising.

The voice record, around 10 minutes were uploaded in May 19, 2014. This story had never covered by mainstream medias. But now, we have an alternative channel for argument; internet. The beginning was the, the largest national discussion board in the country. Nearly 10000 of fierce comments were posted in the site. And next, succeeding argument came after in twitter.

Here, I want to make one thing certain; in author’s point of view, multicultural society is welcomed. (I personally like co-work with foreign people and sometimes go for ethnic towns in Japan, or everywhere in the world and breathe their unique atmosphere.) But now, we do not have enough social welfare, or educational program to non-Japanese natives, and it can lead to a failed consequence of immigrant policy, as some EU nations have experienced. It shall need more time and deliberation to decide our attitude on the issue.

(Abe stating that ”we regain Japan”. But who are ”we”?)

Another Youtube scandal was made by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe by himself in the national diet explanation in May 28, 2014. His statement regarding to collective defense right which is on the concern with Article 9 of Constitution; the peace provision was broadcasted by TV, then recorded, uploaded and widely spread.

In his statement, Abe said ‘’ On Iraq War, the party which should have verify the existence of MDW was not on the U.S. But the fault existed in the Iraq government side. Because it could not show that no mass destruction weapons were deployed in the country. ‘’ This is a very typical probation diabolica. Iraq in that time ( or any country in anytime ) could not verify it does not have mass destructive weapons. It should be noticed that the very same person, Mr. Abe is a department of law graduate, and also the most eager Prime Minister after WW2 Japan, to change the constitution law.

This again made a scandal in national discussion board, 2channel ( though 2ch administration had been once dominated by corrupted founder and his business partners, now it is working very soundly. ). Thousands of comments were posted in less than half a day.

Now midnight in JST, it is not certain tomorrow’s mainstream newspapers and TV programs pick up this issue or not. But it will make a good touchstone to know whether they are working for the people, or the government.

【Takanori Eto】